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Your Favorite Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign
In Palatine & Barrington, Illinois (IL)

Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening,
& Saturday Appointments Available

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New Patient Exam!

Your Favorite Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign
In Palatine & Barrington, Illinois (IL)

Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening,
& Saturday Appointments Available

Call To Schedule Your
New Patient Exam!

Your Favorite Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign
In Palatine & Barrington, Illinois (IL)

Call To Schedule Your New Patient Exam!

Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening,
& Saturday Appointments Available

Reviews Of Dr. Verbic & Verbic Orthodontics Of Palatine & Barrington, IL

Palatine & Barrington’s 5-Star Rated Orthodontists For Braces & Invisalign

Patient Testimonials

I’ve been coming to Verbic for years, Everyone in the office is very friendly and accommodating, Dr. Verbic is very professional, highly recommend this place, The best orthodontist in the northwest suburbs.
Keri barrington orthodontist

Would highly recommend Verbic orthodontics! Super happy with my experience and smile after braces. Staff was always super friendly and accommodating!
Dori barrington orthodontist

Love Verbic! Excellent experience. Highly recommend!
Gregg barrington orthodontist

I am very happy with Verbic Orthodontics! My son needed a retainer and they were friendly and made the entire process quick and painless. The staff is very helpful with any questions you have. I highly recommend Verbic Orthodontics!
Linda barrington orthodontist

We started with this practice back in 2010, when my daughter needed braces and we were happy with every step in the process. Nine years later, she lost her retainer right before she was leaving for college. I called the office and even with her busy work schedule, they were able to get her in to get a new impression and get her new retainer within 2 days. The office staff is excellent! They have been with the practice a long time and were able to answer all questions I had. The orthodontists and their assistants are great too! Everyone is so friendly and they take the time to explain what is being done during the appointment. I highly recommend Verbic Othodontics!
Lori barrington orthodontist

I got braces from Verbic three years ago, and we’ve had amazing service for all three, on top of the service the braces process went extremely smoothly.
Jason barrington orthodontist

Love the staff and welcoming greeting they give. This place is great and love the little perks of hospitality their with the warm cookies and coffee/hot chocolate!
Kristine barrington orthodontist

I am currently a freshman in college and I have been with Verbic Orthodontics since I was 7 years old. Throughout my time with this practice I have been very satisfied with all the orthodontic treatments that I have had done. Thanks to the Verbic Orthodontics team I have a great smile that gives me confidence. I would HIGHLY recommend Verbic Orthodontics for any orthodontic treatments that you or your children may need.
Christina barrington orthodontist

My visit with Verbic orthodontis was a pleasant one. I received such an excellent service. Staff were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Always available to help you with any questions you have. I would definitely recommend verbic orthodontics. Excellent service, you wont get disappointed.
Maria barrington orthodontist

I have been going to Verbic Orthodontics for almost 7 years now! I cannot explain how much I love this place. Everyone there is so welcoming, friendly, nice and funny. They offer you the best care and you can even get a cookie at the end! (Cool right!) Verbic Orthodontics is the best place to find your best smile!
Olivia barrington orthodontist

Always great service and friendly faces. I’ve been going to them for 10+ years and I couldn’t recommend them more!
Katie barrington orthodontist

I’m so confident and happy with my smile! Dr.Verbic, the Orthodentist and other staff are all so great!
Gia barrington orthodontist

I’m so happy with my teeth the Dr.Verbic and the orthodontist and staff make me feel like I’m their only patient.
Ava barrington orthodontist

Great place, super knowledge staff. Got me in and out very quickly, I’d definitely recommend this ortho to anybody.
Bobby barrington orthodontist

Thanks to all the staff for the excellent help I have received over the years. I highly recommend Verbic Orthodontics.
Jim barrington orthodontist

Great Orthodontists!!! The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable and personable.
No matter which location we go to, we always get same quality service.

Steve barrington orthodontist

Great service with short to no wait times, convenient location, flexible payment plans, and knowledgeable staff! You can also opt for appointment reminders, which are really helpful. Would definitively recommend seeing Dr. Verbic 🙂
Bright barrington orthodontist

I have gone to Verbic Orthodontics since I was in 4th grade dealing with numerous issues. The staff here always made me feel at home and taken care of. They are extremely accommodating with appointments and always very time efficient. After being self conscious about my smile ever since I can remember, having perfect teeth now is something I will never take for granted. Verbic Orthodontics gave me the amazing smile that I always wanted! I just returned for a check-in 5+ years later and the staff still remembered my name.
Allison barrington orthodontist

The best staff for all ages! The really treat you like you are family to them and not just a client. From start to almost finished braces for my son they have been truly amazing.
Colleen barrington orthodontist

Fantastic place! I only needed a bonded retainer repaired (had work done by another ortho who retired years ago). Verbic welcomed me immediately and helped me with the small fix! They were all so nice to deal with and helpful regardless of how small a fix I had. I highly recommend this practice!
Cary barrington orthodontist

Having two children needing braces and expanders, I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism from the entire team for years.
Amy barrington orthodontist

I definitely recommend this place… The first time I went in for a consultation I knew I had to look no further. The staff made me feel so welcomed not only during my first appointment but throughout every single appointment. The Doctors are so professional, friendly and kind just as the rest of the staff. I couldn’t choose a better team for my orthodontic treatment. I’m so happy with my new smile!!!
Brenda orthodontist in barrington il

I have gotten braces here and the staff is so nice. When you or your child is a little nervous for anything from braces to spacers they are always there to make it feel as though it was a piece of cake! If there are siblings of the patient, they can go in the back and have fun watching TV or playing Wii while they wait! After patients leave the office from their appointment, they get to look forward to go online and see their points total up to earn gift cards. Overall my experience has been absolutely fantastic! I would encourage everyone to go to this orthodontics!
Allison palatine orthodontist

We came from a less than awesome prior ortho experience, so you can imagine that our guard was up. When we walked through their doors we were immediately greeted with great staff, manageable financial options and a really well designed plan to make our daughters smile beautiful. Kelly is excited every time we go, has had great results and was given realistic expectations. I could not ask for a better experience.
Mario barrington orthodontist

Every member of their staff is excellent. My 7 year old has enjoyed her experience so far and looks forward to her future appointments. My 5 year old son waits with me in the waiting area and doesn’t even mind because he gets to play Wii! We just love the office and the staff. Also, another bonus is that I know that Dr Verbic takes exceptional care of himself too; both being Crossfitters and an extremely healthy eater… this to me means that quality health care surrounds this office and is a priority.
Erin barrington orthodontist

The practice is clearly very patient centered. My son felt instantly comfortable even though he really didn’t understand what braces were all about. I appreciate the attention and the step by step detailed information. I have already recommended this office to several friends who have inquired about Orthodontics.
Arron orthodontist in palatine il

We have had a great experience with all three of our kids! Appointments are always on time, staff and doctors are friendly and professional, all of our questions are addressed, and communication is excellent. We give them the highest recommendation!
Kim orthodontist in barrington il

Your office is very understanding and accommodating. With 2 kids coming here, I have had to rearrange appointments numerous times without much notice, and you always figure out something that will work. Makes life much more manageable!
Audrey palatine orthodontist

Very professional and friendly office. All the Doctors and assistants are very informative when it comes to specific treatment and cautions when going through the whole braces phase! The drive is quite a hassle but I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I had to have braces again! They’re the best! 😀 go there!
Jackie barrington orthodontist

The doctors and assistants were patient with us in our decision making process. My son had some baby teeth we were waiting on to fall out. He was recently able to start the process. A bit of discomfort for a few days but they warned him this is to be expected. He needed some wire snipped off a couple days later. We were able to get in quickly and it was done in seconds. Great doctors and staff. Dr even called to check on him a week after they were put on. Happy w our decision.
Brenda orthodontist in palatine il

Very professional! Dr. Verbic goes above and beyond for his patients. Made the whole process very comfortable and enjoyable.
Micahel orthodontist in barrington il

The office staff is the best. They are fun, interactive and very friendly. We can always get in when needed. The office is very kid friendly and very clean.
Madison palatine orthodontist

This orthodontics office and team is hands down one of the BEST in the area! It is a cohesive unit of professional employees from the front desk up to the doctors! We have never waited more than 3-5 minutes before my son is called back. And they have plenty of things to do in the waiting area to keep the siblings entertained…including warm cookies every time you come in! Their follow up and professionalism is by far, the best I’ve seen! Worth every penny for my son to have a more beautiful smile and within the next 2 years, they’ll have 2 patients! If I could give 10 stars, I would!
Marcy barrington orthodontist

I was recommended by my boss, for my daughter who is 9 years old. The location is in Barrington and they have a Palatine office. I live about an hour away but, it is worth the drive! My daughter loves her orthodontist! The one thing her father and I always talk about is how great they are here! My daughter was at a birthday party and popped a wired from her braces. It was Saturday and I thought for sure this was going to have to wait until Monday maybe even Tuesday. She was in pain and the wax was not helping. Her orthodontist came in on a Sunday and fixed her all up! She was so happy. I could not believe it. He really went above and beyond for her and all their patients from what I see. It has only been about 4.5 months since she started her phase 1 braces but, the work is amazing! Worth every penny! I always tell everyone we know if your kids are ready for braces, go to Verbic Orthodontics.

They also have so many perks and fun events for the patients, it is an excellent place!
Emri orthodontist in palatine il

The best client experience I have ever had!! From my initial appointment to my last seamless appointment scheduling, professional yet engaging staff, and most importantly they did an excellent job. I had such a great experience I asked to write a review and if you are thinking about getting braces this is the only place to go.
Ps. The warm cookies are an added bonus!!!!
Beau orthodontist in barrington il

I have had two children in braces with the practice and our experience has been fabulous! Easy scheduling, on time appointments, and gorgeous results!
Joan barrington orthodontist

We love Verbic Orthodontics! Both of my girls are patients and we love the progress they’ve made and can’t wait to see the final product once the braces come off!!
Anola orthodontist in palatine il

Both of my children needed braces, and the service we received at Verbic Orthodontics was consistently excellent. The staff members were friendly and professional, and the appointments were always on schedule. All treatments and costs were explained upfront, and there were no surprises. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing orthodontics.
Colleen orthodontist in barrington il

They make sure that we are comfortable and they explain what and why they are doing what they are doing. It helps so that I can understand what they are doing. They are really friendly and nice.
Angela palatine orthodontist

Our experience with Verbic Orthodontics has been great! They are always on time with appointments and their staff if very approachable and welcoming. We have been very pleased with our end results too! When the time comes our youngest will also be getting her braces with them too.
Heidi barrington orthodontist

Both of my children have gotten braces at Verbic Orthodontics and we have been very happy. The staff are all awesome and make kids and adults feel at ease. I highly recommend checking them out.
Jean orthodontist in palatine il

We’re very happy with this practice!
Sabrina orthodontist in barrington il

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Verbic Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.